Antarctica Circumnavigation

What recognisable geographical feature on Antarctica will you circumnavigate?

If you have a different objective, enter it below

Examples: Drygalski Mountains, Dome Concordia, Berkner Island etc.

What type of circumnavigation are you doing? *
Are you Solo or part of a Team? *
Will you be Supported or Unsupported? *

There are multiple forms of support, check definitions under Guidelines / Aid. Multi-season circumnavigations are classified as Supported.

Multi-season circumnavigations are classified as Supported.
How will you travel over the surface?

Select more than one Mode of Travel if the additional mode is planned and will be sustained and repetitive. Snowkite journeys are not required to list Ski as an additional discipline, it is implied. If you prefer to use sub-mode terminology instead, add it below

Examples: Fatbike, Catamaran, Snowshoe etc.

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