The Language of Polar Adventure

The Language of Polar Adventure

The Polar Expeditions Classification Scheme (PECS) harmonises the language of polar adventure and exploration. Using standardised keywords and definitions, our classification system provides adventurers, media and the public guidance on how to accurately and equitably compare, promote and immortalise polar journeys.


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Guinness World Records

Our partnership with Guinness World Records heralds the very best in polar expedition labelling, monitoring and record-keeping. Our legacy agreement keeps bona fide pre-PECS records intact while opening the future to the next wave of achievement.

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Create Your Label

Use the PECS online generator to create a label for your journey. Use our standardised format to promote your expedition across all media, compare with journeys before and after and embed your achievement into the future.

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Be Inspired

Our Inspiration Gallery is brimming with photographs from a wide range of regions, expeditions and disciplines. Take a step back in time, be roused by emerging adventurers or project yourself onto the ice.

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