Lodging Claims and Disputes

PECS assesses and adjudicates unique and distinctive polar journeys on behalf of Guinness World Records.

If your journey has achieved a first or record you may present details using our submission forms which will be assessed by an expert panel of polar historians, commentators and adventurers. Once approved PECS will submit your claim to GWR.

Speed, distance, duration and age are common records sought by polar adventurers and are further subcategorised by person / gender. Priority claims may also be submitted eg. first route, first mode of travel and first gender.

PECS does not assess claims based on race, ethnicity, nationality, occupation or disability however will provide advice on the polar component of any claim.

In accordance with GWR records policy, PECS does not assess:

  • Politically motivated record applications
  • Danger in records
  • Illegal activities
  • Environmentally impactful records

Here you can:

PECS reserves the right to negate any record claims that do not reflect unique and distinctive achievement in the polar environment.

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