A Path Variant

A Loop is a generic term for a Path that encircles an undefined area.

A Loop is also a variant of a Loop Path.

A Loop is typically used by Snowkiters and Wind-Craft exponents.

The appearance of Loops and Circumnavigations may sometimes overlap. Contact PECS if you require advice on how to determine your journey's path.



A Closed Loop starts and ends at the same point.

A Closed Loop is measured by:

  • tallying its camp to camp distances including start and end points, or...
  • calculating its total enclosed area in relation to the total area of the host feature
  • Greenland Closed Loop, Closed Loop on Greenland
Closed Loop



A Loop:

  • starts and ends at different points
  • is measured by cumulative distance between campsites, including start and end


  • Antarctica Loop, Loop on Antarctica

Information about the start/end points and distance/area of a Loop must be included in a description eg.

  • started and ended on the Greenland ice sheet perimeter at Point 660, covering a distance of 3183km and/or an area of 37% of Greenland.


  • started at 83º54.30'S, 41º23.17E', ended at 84º24.88'S, 4º18.02W' and included the South Pole, covering a distance of 3511km.


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