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Speed record requirements

A speed record claim must be:

  • a faster repeat of a journey with same margins, route, distance and mode of travel, or..
  • an original journey that has been repeated in a slower time

The original and repeated journeys must be same gender but can be awarded as fastest ‘person’ if fastest overall

A speed record is measured using elapsed time between start and end eg. 47 days, 3 hours, 48 minutes

The original and repeated journeys must be Unsupported

Minor alterations to margins are permitted provided they are not selected expressly to gain a distance advantage

Illegal journeys

Any journey that is illegal, unauthorised, environmentally reckless or unnecessarily endangers the lives of others will not be recognised by PECS.

Counter-submission to a disputed claim

You can oppose a disputed claim by completing and submitting the below form. Include all relevant details including

  • photos and/or video identifying milestones (start, end and significant midway points, GPS screenshots)
  • GPX data (waypoints of your route)
    • at a minimum journeys should submit a file of daily camp locations, including start and end points
    • in addition kite and sail journeys should submit their tracker file
  • photocopy of your written log
  • witness testimonials



List all expedition members *
Were you solo? *


eg. Fortitude South Pole Expedition

Use the Create Your Label generator if you don’t know your PECS label

eg. Hercules Inlet, or coordinates using DDM (Degrees Decimal Minutes)

eg. Point 660, or coordinates using DDM (Degrees Decimal Minutes)

eg. Dye 2, Axel Heiberg Glacier.

Start details *
Journey start dateJourney start timeStart time zone eg. New Zealand
End details *
Journey end dateJourney end timeEnd time zone eg. USA, same
What is the duration of your journey? *

Add 00 if you didn’t record hours or minutes. Any part of a day is regarded as a full day.

Did you place any self-laid caches that were collected during a return component of your journey? *

Upload your file (maximum of 10, total 40mb)

What was your mode of travel? You can select multiple *
Did you benefit from any of the following between the start and end of your journey? *
Was the journey guided? *

RECORD CLAIMS. What did you do?

There is no need to complete this section if you are not claiming a record
Record Category (you can select multiple)

Example: First female to ski solo to the North Pole

Give relevant details of any previous record holder/s eg. expedition name, year, participants, age, record etc.

Include any details not listed above

Submit this claim to Guinness World Records? *

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