Greenland Margins

Margins are the start and end boundaries of a journey


A Greenland Coastline margin is any coastal point at sea level.

Any Greenland journey utilising coastline margins is called a Full Expedition or Full Crossing (Full refers to full-length).

Example: Isortoq to Kangerlussuaq


  • A Full Crossing of Greenland must start and end on a coastline margin



A Greenland Inner Perimeter margin is any point on the ice sheet edge that is above sea level.

Any Greenland journey utilising inner perimeter margins is called an Expedition or Crossing.

Example: Point 660 to Isortoq Hut


  • A Crossing of Greenland must not start or end on an inland margin



An Inland margin is any point above the ice sheet perimeter.

Any Greenland journey utilising an inland perimeter margin is called an Inland Expedition or Inland Crossing.

Example: Start above eastern icefall to Point 660


  • An inland crossing will have at least one inland margin


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